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lisbeth salamander
18 September 2023 @ 09:55 pm

always friending; comment to be added, please ♥

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writings masterpost | scrapbook 2o12

a n o t e ; due to a lengthy bout of depression/non-ambition, and a weird case of the having gone back to schools, i haven't been in fandom. like, at all. since around august or september. i haven't written anything new or finished anything old, and as of now, until whenever (if) i feel like finishing the old, everything is no longer on hiatus but officially, capital A, Abandoned. having said that, i have recently been worming my lil ol' self into the teen fucking wolf fandom, and i managed to finagle an ao3 account into my grimy lil paws. as soon as i can get over the non-ambition non-issue (which may be a thing soon bc i have been writing a bit for the teen wolf fandom) i'll move everything over yonder. till then, suckas.

lisbeth salamander
23 November 2015 @ 12:57 pm

all fics posted to kinkmemes are always public; anything i write that i don't post publicly, and any fics that i write but don't publish to kinkmemes, will be friends only.

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lisbeth salamander
01 August 2013 @ 10:48 pm
sup nerds, guess who's back after like ten years or whatever

me, queen of drama

i'm not sure i want to make a long, drawn out, dumb-feely post right now, so i'll just announce that i'm back in the fic-doin' game. most of this fic game is probably going to be of the teen wolf variety. you might not want to stick around for this. i might get feelings-juice on you.

along with getting back to the doing of the writing, i've done the post!!!! thing!!! on ao3. my pseud over there is nymphe, and i'm not sure i'm proud enough of the fic i've done before now to archive any of them over there (except for maybe a couple of the avengers/thor things i did). but if any of you happen to be in the teen wolf fandom, i've got a few things in the works that i'll likely post over there before i post over here. i might do some original writing over here or on another lj i made a while back for creative things, including graphics/inspiration posts.

at this point, i'm unsure if i'll continue writing for other fandoms i've previously written for, because i've been away from them so long i'm not sure i'll be able to pick up where i left off. probably when thor: the dark world comes out i'll get back into thor/the avengers, and then when x-men: days of future past comes out/when i finally get around to seeing the wolverine, i'll probably get back into the x-men fandom. there's a slight possibility i mIGHT finish that one social network sex marathon fic at some point in the vaguely distant future, but i don't see it happening right now. i haven't caught up on suits, so i probably won't write for that fandom unless i do manage at some point to start watching it again and find i'm still shippy about those babies.

okay, so. nymphe on ao3, doing the teen wolf thing, kinda-sorta a little bit back into the writing of the things. things, stuff. things.

a list of things i'm working on at the mo:

  • a witchy world-buildy thing with magick!stiles, kidnapping angst, stilinski family feels, possibly a matefic

  • girl!stiles is a squirter? ?? possible facesitting? ? christ

  • porn with stiles riding derek's dick while derek fucks stiles with a vibrating dildo, based off a prompt which i lost

  • porn where stiles has a vibrating plug in him in public and derek dirty talks him until he comes in his pants

  • long, drawn out porn with stiles being perpetually sexually frustrated and unable to orgasm/having disappointing orgasms/shitty partners who don't care about his orgasms until derek comes along and takes the time to make him have a fantastic orgasm also based off a prompt i fucking lost

  • sequel to teardrops ft. bdsm negotiations and limits

lisbeth salamander
01 August 2013 @ 10:25 pm
pairing; stiles/derek. that's right. i gave in and now i'm giving up
rating & warnings; nc-17 - contains explicit, consensual sex involving a minor (in most states and to the federal government; seventeen) and featuring rimming, fingerfucking, (slightly humiliating) dirty talk, barebacking, knotting, multiple orgasms, coming untouched, and comeplay. warnings for light dom/sub and slight undernegotiated kinkage, brief references to: fisting, voyeurism, recreational drug use, somnophilia, orgies/gangbangs, and breeding/mating/mpreg, but this fic is not those kinks.
wordcount; ~nine thousand
author's note; a non-prompt ??? ?fic?? a new fandmo?? / done. i'm done. also posted to that shiny new ao3 toy i've been playing with (pseud: nymphe). title from massive attack.

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lisbeth salamander
24 August 2012 @ 04:01 pm
just a quick stop in to apologize for being awol for so friggin' long. i haven't posted a personal entry nor have i completed any of the projects i kept saying i would, but between trying to spend as much time as possible with my dad for the month he was here before he left for korea, falling into the darkest abyss of depression i'm pretty sure i've ever encountered, stressing myself into bad health, and tentatively lurking a new fandom, i just haven't had the energy to do anything anymore - i haven't even been on any of my top fandoms' kinkmemes in so long that i don't think i'll ever catch up.

so, just a note to say that i'll probably be awol/on a bit of a hiatus until i can get my shit sorted out. if you don't see much of me around for the next month i really wouldn't be too surprised. in fact, i'd maybe expect it. i have a lot of adjusting to do.
lisbeth salamander

firstly, please realize that anything said in this entry is my own personal opinion, not meant to upset anyone. please realize my intentions are in the right place, and that any harm come about from anything i'm saying here, or have said, or will say, was not intentional.

i realize i'm responding to this whole mess approximately three decades late, but in all honesty, it hasn't really affected me until, like, right this moment.

on the social network fandom being made public : i sort of laughed off gawker, because whatever, right? no harm, no foul. the article simply mentioned a few fics, for the most part, amicably. i read it when everyone else in the tsn fandom did and i don't think i've looked it up since, and to be honest i'm too lazy to look it up again to ensure i'm not making an ass of myself by talking about things without being perfect knowledgeable about them, but, from what i remember, it was basically a link to the mark-eduardo livejournal community and a list of a few fics - which, i do believe, were crack!fic, not meant to be taken too seriously, anyway. no blood was shed, no persons disrespected.

but a couple weekends ago i (drunkenly) bookmarked an article on thought catalog entitled things i would do if my name were benedict cumberbatch, which, ps, is a fucking hilarious read. having read it drunkenly, i promptly forgot most of it, and i thought i'd re-visit it an hour or so ago for a couple more laughs. then i clicked back to the main page to look for more articles, and saw an interview with broad city, and in the summary, glaring at me, the words "jewnicorn" and "tsn fandom". the question itself just asked if either of the girls knew anything about it, nothing much more was said, but my interest was piqued - i found a link to the writer's tumblr, just to see her thoughts on the fandom because i am, by nature, a curious little shit.

first thoughts: i was positively taken aback and outright appalled by the sheer amount of hate directed at this young lady by the the social network fandom.

no, that's not right, let me rephrase: by the less mature members of the the social network fandom.

there was no reason to attack her for the email she'd sent to gawker, children. her intentions were, i'm sure, reasonably pure. she'd set out to hurt no feelings. maybe she didn't think every goddamn detail through, and didn't take into consideration the people who might feel anxious or upset by the things she'd said - but let's be honest, most of us have said things about a person without considering said person's feelings/emotional state/etc. i also realize that the kids attacking her on tumblr are just that - kids. the just-barely-teenagers, new-to-fandom, curious little beings. teenies, essentially. (and i'm sure the majority of us have been in that position, overly-defensive and too-young, although i hope most of our language was considerably less violent and aggressive back when we were in that stage, compared to the youth of today.) livejournal's fandom communities consist of decidedly older teenagers and (young)-adults, 90's kids, whatnot, being an older site.

after my initial reaction, and after having scrolled past the lesser-legible messages and approaching the ones stating their legitimate concern for the emotional states of the people in this fandom, it hit me just how true a lot of the things being said were for me, personally. the need to hide behind a computer screen/the urge to post anonymously, the fear of rejection/recognition/publicity, the fear of being outed or ridiculed for my tendencies - namely, writing (oftentimes, porn, and even more often, rpf. real fucking people, dude. i need a second to let the classiness waft over me.) about other people. to vicariously insert myself in situations that make me feel more comfortable with myself as a human being, or to slip away, momentarily, from reality, long enough to feel not-so-shitty about myself and my lack of a normal fucking life.

the fact that i have to write and say these fangirl-y things online, because in real life what i do is socially unacceptable. disgusting, even. (and, believe me, every couple of months, i feel an overwhelming surge of embarrassment and upset for the things i write about these people, and attempt to leave fandom, only to get sucked back in again by the promise of acceptance and togetherness - i won't go so far to say friendship, because i'm still, and always will be, intimidated by absolutely everyone, and i will never approach anyone without need.) believe me, i understand the need to jump to my own defense and to the defense of the people of this fandom, because goddamnit, what i do here is pretty personal, pretty private, meant to be shared with people who, similarly, understand.

and then all of the things being said hit me like a ton of goddamn bricks right to my gut. i realized, suddenly, how personal this situation had become for me. how close this was hitting to home - how near to all of my fears this was pushing.

i'm incredibly uncomfortable at the idea of facing any of these fears head-on at this point in time. i'm just not at a point in my life where i'd be able to accept, to emotionally handle, an onslaught of humiliation associated with anything i've written going public public; posting it publicly to a community on livejournal was seemingly private enough for my taste, seeing how few people would tumble over here for a look-see. any more public than that, and i might have a meltdown.

maybe i'm over-reacting. maybe i'm being a drama-queen. but i think i'll feel more comfortable having done this, having taken these measures. i'm not going to put my emotional well-being at risk by keeping myself open like a goddamn book.

therefore, on wednesday, i'm going to temporarily f-lock any and all the social network and the social network real person fan fiction posted to my journal; at least, what i don't delete. any new material for this fandom that i write - and i do plan to continue writing for this fandom, because i still like to use it as a temporary escape - will be posted anonymously to the kinkmeme, and re-posted at my journal once all of this has blown over and we can all feel safe and secure in our little shell, our hidden little corner on the internet away from the big, scary Real World.

thanks for your time have a good day/night 430am omg BYEEEEEEEEE
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lisbeth salamander
01 February 2012 @ 03:51 am
pairing; harvey/mike
prompthere at the kinkmeme; taking a bath together.
rating & warnings; r - descriptions of nudity, kissing, cussing, general sensuality, idk. also, this is six-thousand (six. thousand.) words of bath!fic - yeah, i don't know how it happened either.
author's note & disclaimer; shameless, obligatory florence + the machine title. think this tub, and, hey, i drew a picture. and, my good sirs, another angle! that's dedication, kiddos. also: the fic in which i neglect my other fic(s) for a sudden bath-craving. anyway, i hope you enjoy this in the slightest. also, i'm thinking of doing a bit for "the morning after" later. 6,310 words.

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lisbeth salamander
11 October 2011 @ 12:05 am
pairing; harvey/mike
prompt; here at the kinkmeme; originally posted anonymously here.
rating; pg for about one curse word.
author's note & disclaimer; i feel like i should apologize for this disaster. but these boys, omg. title from deerhunter. still not my toys. 1689 words.

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lisbeth salamander
10 October 2011 @ 11:55 pm
pairing; harvey/mike
prompt; here at the kinkmeme; sunday snuggling.
rating; light r for vague descriptions of sexual acts.
author's note & disclaimer; that's right, suitsfic. this show is pretty much a visual of my life spiraling out of control, slowly. title from passion pit. playing with toys that aren't mine and hoping i won't get yelled at. 1052 words.

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